Security is not a Product, its a Process

Me, My self and My Life


I’m Just a NewBie but I Learn to be a Stupied,
Seorang bodoh yang pengen belajar dan berbagi ..
Mencoba menggenggam dunia dari sebuah komputer tua, dalam kamar kumuh yang selalu tak pernah tertata rapi ..



  1. hai…..
    salut atas ungkapan kamu atas cinta.thanks for givin’ me some inspirations today!

    best regards

    Comment by elloy | February 9, 2007

  2. Hi

    Your website looks very interesting, but I cannot understand most of it (unless it is all encrypted English! ;-). I would like to know what language you are using? Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question… to me it looks like a Malaysian or Indonesian language, but I saw the word “Dari” in one of the articles (which is a Farsi dialect?). Once I know the right language Babelfish might help me understand more… 🙂


    Comment by Chavoux | October 19, 2007

  3. Bro aku liat artikel yg sama persis di web nya matematika its?
    ini kamu emg anak its ??

    Comment by aziz | May 7, 2008

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